Love Tensta #1: Tough Guys Like Bluebells

Love Tensta #1: Tough Guys Like Bluebells

My neighborhood, Tensta, and similar neighborhoods tend to get a lot of crap in the media. It’s always bothered me, because I really love this place. I’ve lived here nearly 30 years, and honestly, the only think that’s ever really tempted me to move away from here and the wonderous, spacious balconies I’ve seen in the apartment complex my landlord owns in a nearby (and in many ways similar) neighborhood. Stockholm is my city and Sweden is my country but this place, Tensta, is my real, true home, where my roots have sunk deep into the ground. So I am going to make a habit of telling you all about the thing, places, people, events that make me love Tensta. It’s not meant to be a list of things that only happen here; I don’t care if the things I love are specific or general, common or uncommon, widely enjoyed or widely disliked. It is the amalgamation of all these things together that make this a place I love. But as often, I am explaining myself too much so let’s just get on with it!

Love Tensta #1:

I see two tough-looking dudes in their early 20s as I walk towards the subway. Goattees, hoodies, over-sized brand baseball caps. As I pass by them I hear one of them say: “I like bluebells. They’re pretty.”

Jag gillar blåklockor. Dom är fina!

Älska Tensta!

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