Advent Calendar Day 14 – Christmas Shopping

Advent Calendar Day 14 – Christmas Shopping

How are you all doing with your Christmas shopping? Almost done, or barely started? I am usually almost done by this time of year. To be honest, I’m mostly done this year too, but it’s all due to effort in the last week or two. Normally I start way earlier than that (say, March or April), and am basically done by now. It’s been a weird year…

Tonight I took the time to wrap some of the presents I’d bought. I usually get a bit stressed wrapping everything just before Christmas so I thought I’d get an early start this year. The two matching gifts are store-wrapped. I do love getting that done when I can! It feels luxorious somehow. Plus, I’m not awfully good at wrapping so it lets me get some nice gifts in my pile, too. I just need a couple of more things, and I’m all done… What about you?

Over on my main blog, today I boost awesome writer and editor A.C. Buchanan. Check it out!

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