Advent Calendar Day 2 – The Word Pantry – Julpynt

Advent Calendar Day 2 – The Word Pantry – Julpynt

I was going to write a longer post with a lot of photos but frankly, I’ve had other stuff on my mind today. So we’re settling for one picture:


A simple but useful and seasonal word today: julpynt. Jul means Christmas (related to English yule) and pynt means… deco, I guess. A thing that is used for decoration. The word isn’t used much outside of compounds like julpynt and påskpynt (Easter deco), and there’s also a verb att pynta (to decorate). Note that this is only decoration in the sense of adding decorative items to an already decorated rooms. So the initial decoration of a room would not be called att pynta. I’d also argue that julpynt is usually a collective noun. Some people do use it in the singular for “a piece of Christmas deco” but personally I find that a bit odd-sounding.

Today on #Adventboost I boosted an awesome fantasy comic.

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